Researcher-led Projects

In line with our mission to sustain collaborations between academic research and non-academic research users, REAlab Researcher-Led Projects provide PhD and Early Career (2 years from PhD award) researchers an opportunity to develop a project based on their own social responsibility ideas OR to collaborate with a non-HEI partner of their choice. Eligible projects will

  • demonstrate a clear benefit for the wider community beyond academia or
  • engage external organisations that have a clear social mission or commitment towards creating social change in their community.

REAlab participants will develop interdisciplinary and cross-institutional connections through the team-work that is at the foundation of the programme. Applications to work on projects are open to teams and we invite individual researchers interested in applying who are not part of a team to attend the REAlab Training Series where they will have the possibility to team up with like-minded colleagues with common interests and ideas.

Participants will be trained to develop ideas into feasible project plans and teams will be invited to pitch their plans to the REAlab Board (and any chosen partner) in order to be accepted into the delivery stage. Projects which will demonstrate feasibility will be delivered over a period of 3 to 5 months and teams will be supported through further tailored training opportunities and mentoring until completion. All successful projects will receive the REAlab Project Award 2018 of the value of £1000.

By participating to REAlab 2018 researchers will access:

  • High-quality professional training led by experts in professional development
  • A mentorship scheme tailored to each project team from start to completion
  • Further team-building training opportunities during the delivery stage (June and September, see dates below) to review and keep the project in check;
  • The REAlab Project Award (£1000) to each team completing their projects


May – Training Series and project development (see details here)

28 May (week of) TBC – Project proposals are pitched to partners/REAlab Board

1 June – Teams start project delivery

22 June 14:00-16.30 –  Team training review session  – led by Dee-Ann Johnson

14 September 14:00-16.30 – Team training review session – led by Dee-Ann Johnson

See past awarded projects here.

Time that team members will need to commit for delivering projects will vary, depending on the specific project proposals that teams will put forward. Typically, individual team members work on REAlab projects a minimum of 3.5 hours per week during their delivery stage.


In order to apply please send a REAlab Projects Expression of Interest and a recent CV by H.17:00, 29 April 2018 to

You can apply to attend the training as a team or as an individual. In this case you can take the opportunity of the training course to find one or more collaborators to work on a specific partner project or a researcher-led initiative.

Download REAlab Researcher-Led Projects – Additional Information

Download the REAlab Projects Expression of Interest