Mastering the processes and tools to transform a good idea into a well-structured and feasible project is at the foundation of anything we do in academia and industry, particularly where we want to engage a variety of stakeholders through research. In a collaborative environment, this training course aims to equip participants with the skills necessary to successfully design and manage projects and build successful project teams within an interdisciplinary and multisectorial environment.

Training programme
Facilitates by a team of professional trainers and business coaches, the course includes four interactive sessions which follow the development of the teams’ own projects’ life cycle, from ideation and planning to delivery, reporting and dissemination.

  • Session 1: From problem analysis to creating solutions
  • Session 2: Influencing and negotiating skills
  • Session 3: Project management: devising your own project plan
  • Session 4: Communicating your project’s results 

All sessions are designed to be hands-on as they will be based on the participants’ own project development needs. Over four weeks, the training offers participants the opportunity to develop their ideas into a feasible professional project, with the space for one-to-one support for those who are going to pitch their project to partners/REAlab after the training.  



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